Disability Advocacy Network

What is the Disability Advocacy Network?

 A group of disability organizations committed to identifying issues we can agree to work on and develop a strategy for addressing those issues.

It is a network through which organizations can reach many others throughout the state, providing them with information on issues and services.

What are the benefits of working collaboratively?

Expands our outreach capacity
Broadens our grassroots support
Reduces duplication of efforts
Allows for more creative, multi-level solutions to complex problems
Results in more clout with officials when advocating on behalf of a larger constituency.

Who are some of the organizations participating in the Network?

SD Parent Connection - Disability Rights South Dakota - SD Council on Developmental Disabilities - SD Council of Community Behavioral Health - Community Support Providers of SD - SD Association of the Blind - SD Association of the Deaf - Independent Living Choices - USD Center for Disabilities - SD Advocates for Change - National MS Society - SD Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities

Through volunteer support, the Coalition is facilitating the Network activities during the 2020 South Dakota Legislative Session.